How Pokémon Sun is a memorable game

A lot of us have moved on to the newer games in this franchise. I’ve done the same too but I feel like playing Pokémon Sun was a fun and memorable game. I was even thinking about the Poni Island music while writing this. From its striking graphics to exclusive Pokémon you could only catch via QR Codes. There was just so much to it and even Festival Plaza had quite a lot to offer. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The first and upmost important thing to talk about Pokémon Sun is the main story plot. Set in the Alola Region, the story begins with you, a new trainer who goes through the island challenge, battling the Elite Four and then the professor, ultimately becoming the Champion by winning. Forming your party to battle you way to becoming the Champion is one of the first things you have to do. You’ll soon battle others and catch tons of Wild Pokémon to fill your Pokédex/Rotom Dex. Then you’ll take on the island challenge by defeating all the Totem Pokémon and the Island Kahunas, who are basically like Gym Leaders. Next up, you’ll be challenged by the Elite Four and the Final Championship battle follows making you champion.

The four islands are Melemele Island, Akala Island, U’la U’la Island and Poni Island. Each island has their own Tapu Pokémon which govern the island to peace. There are many Pokémon to catch in this game. During the beginning of the Post Game, Ultra Beasts and their sightings have appeared around Alola and its your duty to stop them causing havoc by catching them with these special Beast Balls. There’s this one lab island you will have to associate with in the Post Game, but I forgot what it’s called because I haven’t played full on in a while.

Did you know, you can make some extra income in Sun? Selling different stuff and battling Morimoto helps you earn a lot more money, but you can only battle him once a day.

Filled up you Pokédex? Well now you can collect out-of-region Pokémon with QR Codes. See Austin John Plays’s video. Scan QR Codes with the scanner to gain points and once you have 100 points (Each code gives you 10) you can fly to any island of you choice and scan for Pokémon there. There you go.

You can also acquire Pokémon from the GTS or Wonder Trade, but I don’t thing the GTS is your best option now. This is how I found out. I decided to trade a Lapras for a Dedenne but a screen that said “Communication Error” popped up and I knew something was up. I went to the eShop to check for new updates but there weren’t any. Prior to that, I searched up about it and the first thing I read was that the GTS had been DISCONTINUED! I was devastated! I had a lot of memories with that system and I managed to receive such cool Pokémon! As sad as I was, I was at least glad Wonder Trade still worked. People tend to trade their worst Pokémon on that, so I decided just keep trading until you get a good one. Here’s how I learned. I once traded a Litwick, and what did I get in return? A Yungoos! This was when I decided to try this method out.

Moving on from trading, Festival Plaza is a great experience. You can socialize with many in-game people and receive festival coins. You only get them if the person is satisfied. If they’re not, you don’t receive any. Festival Coins can help your kingdom level up and you can also unlock many stalls and booths.

Last but not least, I’ll be talking about Poké Pelago. Poké Pelago is a place where you can collect Poké Beans and also allows your Pokémon to play, exercise and bathe.

That’s all I have time for today. If you didn’t read my last article, check it out at my profile @TheRetroPhilosopher. I will see you soon.

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