Mario Kart Super Circuit: GBA Rainbow Road

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Hi everyone and today, I’m talking about GBA Rainbow Road in Mario Kart Super Circuit

Let’s Begin

General Facts & Details

GBA Rainbow Road is believed to be the hardest Rainbow Road in the entire Mario Kart Franchise. This being because of the sharp turns, drifts and that one segment covered in speed panels. The track looks quite beautiful and it shows a small view of Bowser’s Castle in the distance. Mario Kart Fandom states that Peach’s Castle is on top of Bowser’s Castle. The color scheme of it looks like a rainbow, as you can obviously tell by the Track’s name and is slightly transparent. It’s also surrounded or bordered by some jump pads. Being the last track of the special cup, this began the tradition of Rainbow Road always being the last track of the Special Cup from Mario Kart DS onward.

The Map Layout for GBA Rainbow Road. The one segment of track covered in speed panels is shown on the right.

What you can notice at the beginning

At certain points, you will see thunder clouds changing colour and falling stars bouncing on the track. Be careful not to come into contact with those or you will be zapped or lose coins.

The falling stars and the thunder clouds shown in the track

Time Trials & Usage

This track was one that would be played a lot using Time Trials. I don’t have it on Time Trials, sorry. Lots of players have tried to master all the jumps and sharp turns. This is super difficult to do and requires a lot of attempts. It’ll probably be easier with the GameCube controller while connected to the Gameboy Player. You will also have to use your mushrooms wisely. The hardest part is when you come to that one segment of the track covered in speed panels as after you get launched off, you’ll have to turn or drift carefully in the air to land on the track safely, next to the closest speed panel, whilst making sure you don’t fall. The world record for it is shown below, including time + video.

GBA Rainbow Road World Record

Will it return?

I believe this track will be much better in the future as Mario Kart Fandom says that people predict that GBA Rainbow Road will return in the next Mario Kart game. I assume it’ll be better because if it releases for the Nintendo Switch or some new console which will be released later, the controls and the mechanics will be much better.

Mario Kart Fandom’s Prediction

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