Mario Kart Super Circuit: The Custom Tracks Dream

2 min readNov 17, 2020


There are some Mario Kart titles that do have custom tracks such as Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7, which did NOT come with the game and had to be downloaded elsewhere. Super Circuit was one of the earliest Mario Kart games which didn’t have these custom tracks for sure. But I wish it did.

I had a dream that Super Circuit had custom tracks in some super special cup, NOT called “Special Cup”. These tracks had such an outstanding design and fascinating background. There were five tracks in this so-called “Cup” and the only one I remember to this day was one that had a planet with Mario’s face embedded on it, lots of jumps like GBA Rainbow Road and had vibrant colours like purple and so on. It just looked so beautiful.

There have been videos about Mario Kart Super Circuit mods where certain things don’t seem to appear.

Video by birby100
Video by Big Brawler

These are just some of the mods that have been created and used in Mario Kart Super Circuit. There was even one that allowed the player to play as Bomb man or Bomb-omb. There are a bunch of mods that you could probably just try I guess, up to you on which mod you like. They do work well with emulators. If you have an Android phone or any Computer, you could just download a good emulator and there are these cheat codes you can put in so that you can use different mods so you can have fun and make your screen stand out more.

Now, Custom Tracks are starting to make their way to Super Circuit, here’s an example of one

Video by gridattack

This custom track is Alpine Pass 1. This is great progress made so far, but I wish more original, creative and individual custom tracks like the ones you see in the CTGP Revolution for Mario Kart Wii custom tracks. Note that Super Circuit had memory limitations so I’m not sure how many custom tracks could fit in. But hopefully, they make more of these custom tracks. I don’t know what language this game was coded in, but I want to know and people might start carrying out the next phase of the “Custom Track Dream”

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