Mario Kart Super Circuit: The Multiplayer Realm

4 min readMay 10, 2020



Hi everyone. Today, I’m going to talk about the 2-Player/Multiplayer perspective in Mario Kart Super Circuit.

Let’s Begin

What about it

Like its predecessors and the other game released later in the franchise, Mario Kart Super Circuit has a Multiplayer mode. Like Mario Kart 64, Super Circuit allowed you to hook up the GBAs with the link cable and have up to four players in this mode.

The two modes

As I mentioned in my first blog post, Multiplayer mode has two categories or types. Single-Pak and Multi-Pak. What they have in common is that they both require the link cable and they’re Multiplayer modes, obviously.


Multi-Pak requires the number of players each have their own copy of the game and connect the link cables, giving them a better gameplay experience and more selection, including a battle mode.


For Single-Pak, only one person needs a copy of the game whilst everyone else doesn’t. Because of this, you’re limited to only four tracks, which were tracks from Super Mario Kart and everyone had to play as Yoshi. Each Yoshi would be different colours depending on how many players were there, but you can figure out the “different coloured Yoshi mechanism” yourself since it’s obvious anyway.

Single-Pak Options

Battle Mode

I like the Battle Mode because the courses or tracks, however you call them, have a nice map layout and background. Personally, I love BattleCourse 2 and BattleCourse 4 because of these reasons. BattleCourse 4 features a beautiful oasis with the Yoshi Sphinx and BattleCourse 2 has that nice background and map layout.

BattleCourse 4 Layout

However, I wish they could’ve added more tracks for the Battle Mode if it wasn’t for the memory limitations. We could’ve seen some cool tracks with more backgrounds, including ones from Luigi Circuit, maybe Sky Garden and perhaps possibly Snow Land and Ribbon Road.

Well, I finally got on the Ghost Exchange Mode and gave it a shot. By the looks of the picture provided down below, yes, I haven’t played all of them, I’m sorry. But I’m testing it out. I’m seen transferring ghost data for Peach Circuit to another copy of Super Circuit. One time I tried doing it, but some connection problem came up and the “Communication Error” screen came up. The second time I tried, what emerged from it was a successful attempt. I do have to say that the second transfer screen reminds me of Super Mario Bros somehow.

Ghost Exchange

That’s all I have time for today. If you didn’t read my last blog, go check it out on my profile @TheMKSC_Talk01. I shall see you in my next entry. Thank you for reading!




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