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3 min readJan 7, 2021

Who’s the guy in orange who’s there to help you improve your game? Who’s the guy who’s bald and has a nice goatee? That’s right, Matt. One of Wii Sports’s top icons, alongside Elisa. Each of them specialize in certain sports however, but this article is mostly about Matt. Sit back and enjoy.

Ever since the release of Wii Sports back in 2006, the originally tech-demo has gone on to become the best-selling game for the Wii. The main games included are Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing, plus Training games and a Fitness Test. Yes, everyone loved that one moment when the player would swing the ball backward and the crowd would jump in a spiral. The next year came the release of Wii Fit, following the release of Wii Fit Plus in 2009. Enough of that said, let’s get into Matt now.

So Matt, alongside with Elisa are known as the trainers, the popular faces in Wii Sports. They mostly pop up in the training events. Elisa appears to specialize in tennis and Matt specializes in boxing. Here’s a look at their stats.

Stats for Matt and Elisa

So these stats summarize the core information of Matt and Elisa. Back to Matt, he does play tennis, but does so in the regular Tennis Games. He is a champion in boxing too. In the Boxing Ring training facility, there is an old photo of Matt boxing in the ring, which does make it clear he was a champion boxer back in the day.

These stars not only apply for Wii Sports, but for Wii Sports Resort as well. However, Matt and Elisa do not appear in the Wii Fit games. There, you only have the Male Trainer and Female Trainer. And the Fitness Room is nicely designed with a prime colour, mirrors everywhere and an enclosed space.

Matt also appears in all three of the boxing training games, just be careful not to hit him!

The same types of principles apply for Elisa too, with no Wii Fit appearances.

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