What GBA Games should come to Nintendo Switch?

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The GameBoy Advance is cherished by a lot of people in the retro community and they certainly enjoy its games. A lot of GBA games have made their way to the newer consoles under the Virtual Console category, which was also similar to the 3DS Ambassador Program in 2011. This question has been asked on news articles, “What GBA games are coming to the Nintendo Switch?”. This article talks about what GBA games could be coming to the Switch as Virtual Console games and what games could possibly have their own Nintendo Switch version in my opinion. Note that I will NOT be providing any pictures.

Advance Wars

Designed by Intelligent Systems, Advance Wars was one many GBA fans loved. This game has a striking story and a nice aspect of a world at war. Advance Wars takes place in Wars World and consist of five countries: Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth, Yellow Comet and Black Hole. Four of these countries are based on actual countries (I don’t know which ones, sorry). I’m not going to explain the entire plot so if you want to read up about it, you can visit this link: https://advancewars.fandom.com/wiki/Advance_Wars_(game)

This version was known as Game Boy Wars Advance 1 in Japan and was the first instalment in this series. This game was loved by so many people so this is one I see that will come to the Switch as a new instalment to the Advance Wars series.

Mario Kart Super Circuit

This game was loved by some and abhorred by others. Its major flaws were its mechanics, controls and drifting. I agree with those, but other than that, Super Circuit is really enjoyable. This was the first Mario Kart game I’ve ever had, even though it was my brother’s. The solution to the mechanics would probably be connecting it to the GameBoy Player for the GameCube. That way, the controlling and mechanics would be better because you’d be playing with a GameCube Controller. Super Circuit was featured in the 2011 3DS Ambassador Program and on the Wii U. Although newer versions of Mario Kart are being introduced into the series and some fans may be wondering about Mario Kart 9, I strongly believe that this game should head to the Nintendo Switch under the “Virtual Console” category. Pokémon has gotten all the respect, so why can’t Super Circuit?

Mother 3

The furthest I’ve ever gone in this game is past the title screen to the cutscene, but this would be an interesting title anyway. Mother 3 is a role-playing game created by Brownie Brown and HAL Laboratory. Mother 3 revolves around a young boy named Lucas, with psychic powers who’s aim is to save the world from being corrupted and extinguished by a mysterious invading army. The plot is quite interesting and that’s why it fascinates me. Not to mention the graphics are cool as well. I wasn’t really bothered to play this game but I believe if I had more time than I do have now, I’d play this game and complete it. I definitely see this game coming to the Switch as a new instalment to the Mother 3 series and according to inverse.com, fans are really looking forward to this day.

Grand Theft Auto Advance (There’s a GBA version)

Although GTA is meant for people much older, this is one I believe should come to the Switch because not everyone has an Xbox or Playstation. I only played a little bit of this version of GTA and the only things I remember were the beginning cutscenes and driving around town in a car. I have played GTA on the PS4 and comparing the two versions with each other, I’d say the PS4 one is better even though I was just crashing a car into a fence for a whole minute or two. I didn’t really like this GBA version of this game. I’m not going to explain the plot in detail, so I’ll attach the link here:

I think GTA should come to the Switch at some point, no matter how long it takes. If they do release it, I don’t see myself buying it, but I hope that those who do have a lot of fun playing this game.

Golden Sun

This game isn’t really in my best interest, but picked it mainly because this one would be a perfect fit for the discussion. This Japanese role-playing game, released in 2001 is about these “Adepts”, who are known to be a psynergy-attuned band, sent from their home to a world called Weyard to stop a detrimental power called Alchemy being released. I strongly feel like the plot is quite complicated to understand, so I’ll provide the link here: https://goldensun.fandom.com/wiki/Golden_Sun

My final statement not only impacts just this game, but the entire series as well. I think this game should come to the Switch as a new instalment to the series sometime soon and all the Golden Sun games should also come to the Switch under the “Virtual Console” category.

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